Bathroom trends, 2019 | Inspired by

Bathroom trends, 2019

Below are the findings from Gustavsberg’s own “helicopter survey”. We’ve had a look at the markets where we are active and the countries where we are not, and have compared what we saw and heard. So here’s some inspiration for your future bathroom – enjoy!

Black and white

Long live the graphic bathroom! Nothing beats black and white – and all the shades of grey in between – in creating delightful patterns. According to our investigation, this trend also encompasses classic marble in white and grey tones – and, in particular, naturally patterned concrete.

That said, the tight, restrained black/white design idiom should ideally feature contrasts in the form of details that stand out. Textiles in strong colours, for instance.

Urban industrial look

There is no longer any need to invest large sums in concealing all the pipework in the bathroom, as it is now fashionable to make them highly visible in “industrial” materials and solutions. This concept, in turn, looks fantastic against a background of horizontal white tiles. Or marble.

To generate the right feeling, the pipes should ideally feature a neater, tighter look than the visible pipework you often see in old buildings. And to make sure the bathroom doesn’t end up looking too hard, cold and industrial: add in some soft and pretty towels presented in baskets woven from natural materials.

Back to nature

Even though it may not always be the most practical or durable option for the bathroom, wood is a material that is sure to be a feature for years to come. The ambience to aim for is more “Zen” than “sauna”. Bamboo is also a popular choice, of course.

Rattan, leather, cork, hemp, and so on. Materials that age gracefully. This trend also encompasses rugged stone and patterned marble. As well as warm, green tones – all for a warm, peaceful, nature-like sensation.

Minimalism + colours

“Tight and stylistically pure” may not feel all that new, but the current trend is to spice up the restrained bathroom look with a “twist” in the form of colour highlights. Preferably pastel shades – and ideally pale blue and pink tones.

Simple and neutral – but with carefully selected textiles or furnishing details that attract the eye and radiate personality. 2019 need be no more demanding than that ...